Boost Morale with Team Building Events

Team building events are popular as they make employees work together as a cohesive team. These events break communication barriers between employees and make them more comfortable with each other. This also leads to boosting the morale of individuals and the team as a whole that improves co-operation, collaboration and enhances productivity.

According to a report published in the Mirror, on average companies in the UK are spending around £305 per employee on morale-boosting activities. Let’s see in detail how team building activities in Southampton help boost morale.

How Team Building Boosts Morale?

In several organizations, teams do not perform at their optimal efficiency due to trust issue that is mainly due to a misunderstanding of personalities. Team building activities focus on different personality styles that reduce conflicts and boosts morale.

By helping employees identify personality temperaments of their co-workers, it is easier for them to open lines of communication to avoid misunderstanding. People learn by doing and team building engages employees at different levels in an environment that is fun and also different from their workplace.

Each individual has different characteristics, sets of skills and strengths to succeed. Team building activities work on identifying strengths and dominant personality traits in a memorable way so that ability to gain cooperation and communicate with others becomes much easier.

Team building events build a team atmosphere which helps individuals understand and learn why people react in a specific way and how to deal effectively with each other. The end result is increased respect and improved trust amongst employees that set the foundation for co-operation and increases productivity.

Team Building Events to Boost Morale

Companies in the UK are going beyond traditional team building activities ( such as assault courses, trust exercises or bowling. The current trend in team building events includes activities like survival courses, making a music video, cooking, baking and many more. Each team building activity guarantees loads of fun to participants but the focus of the course remains to boost morale and team building.

Here are some of the exciting team building games UK companies plan for their employees.

Human Sheep Herding

This team building game promotes efficient communication and teaches employees to trust each other.  Improved communication and building trust through teamwork is a great morale booster.  In this game, one member of the team is selected as a shepherd and others are human sheep who are blindfolded.

The shepherd’s job is to herd the human sheep into the enclosure using special sounds. The shepherd cannot use words and must communicate with the team members (human sheep) using sounds.  The task is made tougher for the human sheep and the shepherd by throwing some obstacles.

Hunting Games

The hunting games help employees to know each other better and increase their comfort level. There are several types of hunting games such as Machine Scavenger Hunt, Real life Spy Game, Treasure Hunt Using Smartphone, and Treasure Hunt.

Machine Scavenger Hunt

This team building game is based on the construction theme where employees meet the challenge of building a machine. The game has tight time constraints and the participants have to solve various clues to get the machine together.  Every clue in the game leads to one part of the machine. The machine won’t work until the team gets all parts.

The Machine Scavenger hunt forces employees to co-operate and delegate tasks when needed.  It encourages the development of problem-solving and lateral thinking skills where an employee joins forces to solve harder clues.

Cookery Games

This team building game includes tasks such as preparing a three-course meal. Employees are divided into small teams where they prepare a meal together. The games allow employees to know each other better and encourage them to appreciate the efforts of others at the end of the day. At the end of the team building game, the whole team dines together and enjoys a great sense of achievement.

The Web

This is a unique team building game where employees are trapped in a giant web and they have to free themselves without touching each other. The game forces employees to communicate and collaborate and trust each other to get success.

The team building games mentioned above are perfect to boost the morale of your employees. Your company should organize team building events more often that will resolve conflicts amongst employees, break down office cliques, and stretch comfort zones of every employee.

Which team building game did you like for morale boosting? Please feel free to comment.