A Journey to Becoming a Celebrity Event Planner

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Celebrity event planning is a billion dollar industry that has created a rage in the event planning industry. The big fat events from wedding and conferences to social parties and festive celebrations, instills an inspiration to embark on a new journey to becoming a celebrity event planner.

A Journey to Becoming a Celebrity Event PlannerBecoming a renowned and successful event planner is itself a big challenge and on top putting your hands in the world of celebrities is a bigger challenge. The huge demands, likes, dislikes and expectations of famous actors, musicians, dancers, TV stars, directors, choreographers, artists and many more is always on a higher edge and managing to cope with them is a sure shot success. However, with high level of creativity, enthusiasm, passion and patience of course, it is easy to create your own benchmark in the world of celebrity event planning.

Tips to Consider To Become Celebrity Event Planners

Here are few tips to help you start your career as celebrity event planner:

•  The very first thing is to understand your skills and abilities. The key skills required to become an event planner are time management, negotiation skill, verbal communication, budget management, public relations, and marketing. Furthermore, when it comes to organizing events for celebrities, uniqueness in luxury is required and for that out of the box thinking and creativity is essential.

•  Then it is of utmost importance to understand the roles and responsibilities of a celebrity event planner. The very first duty is to understand the likes, dislikes and needs of a celebrity so that it becomes easy and convenient to know the scope and purpose of the event. Further you need to establish a pre-defined budget keeping in mind the desired location and time. Then the duties extend to organizing and setting up the event where you need to take care of all the equipments, decoration materials and food items in terms of their placement and the variety of choices. Last but not the least, a perfect supervision ending with a successful celebrity event is the foremost duty of a planner.

•  Thereafter you can gain hands on experience in the industry by volunteering certain big events. Following the volunteer services it is always better to get a certification in event planning or management as this adds to your credibility. Celebrities always look for certified planners as they feel most confident with such planners.

•  Then the most important consideration is to create an inspirational portfolio. Your presentation and your first impression with the potential client play an integral role as to how far you travel in this business. Your portfolio is the reflection of your credentials, abilities, organizational skills, certifications and your work experience as a planner. Organize it in a way that it best describes you as a perfect fit to create huge events with winning themes. You can further personalize your portfolio by adding photographs of your services and testimonials from clients you have worked for.