Know the Different Features and Benefits of 360 Domes

Domes are the innovations to advanced technologies. These help in representing all the new ideas and imaginations of the human brain. The 360 projection domes are specially designed domes that create an overall coverage of the screen.

360 Domes are giant domes with the projection of the video contents on the domes. 360 Domes involve the audience in a complete experience of virtuality and provide a wonderful experience. This provides an overall ongoing exploration of a concept.

Features of 360 Domes

Different brands offer 360 projection domes to present various ideas or movies to play. They provide virtual reality films and make them available to everyone on various platforms to make them more accessible. Features and benefits of 360 domes are described below.

Easy placement

The special feature of portable 360 domes is that they can be installed in open spaces like in open parks, or museums, or open areas. They can also be handy in malls and science centers. The outer layer of the covering of domes for display is made of high quality and is durable to any physical or external force.

Easy to install

They can be easily installed as they have many special features like an easy connector system and a less time-consuming calibration system. It has double-layered water and a fireproof system to protect against any accidents. The domes do not need external man force to install them.

Available in different sizes

Depending on the capacity required, there are different sizes of domes available in the market. The audience capacity is estimated and accordingly, the most suitable dome size is selected. The strength can include the number of seating arrangements and also the standing capacity of the audience. Screen length varies with the length of the dome.

Soundproof Technology

This facility helps in preventing the spread of noise outside the source. Though the audience experiences all the sound effects, the soundproof technology makes sure that it does not reach the external environment. It helps to provide great visuals and sound system without disturbing the surroundings.

360 Projection

The 360-degree projection covers all the directions with the help of a varifocal lens and does not require an extra camera for display. The one camera fixed either in the middle of the site or at any comfortable location can easily cover the entire area. It helps in displaying clear content rather than producing any deformities in the visuals.


Great Image Quality

The display of visual content has superior quality and the audience feels comfortable with the experience of mind-blowing visuals. These 360 projections provide ultimate experience with multidirectional visuals that amazes the experience.

Less energy consumption and less wiring

The 360 projection involves less energy consumption that is around 75 percent less than that with other domes. It includes less wiring and provides more room for the audience. Less equipment arrangement is used for displaying all the visuals.

Easy installation

It can be easily installed and can be accessed faster. We can operate it even by an IPAD, wirelessly. It is easy to control and maintain without the consumption of extra time to play any visuals.

More Stability

The setup is stable and can be installed at any place. It is beneficial as it makes it easy to organize and settle at any location.

Soundproof Technology

Soundproof technology is essential so that it does not cause any disturbance to the external environment. If the dome is installed in a theatre or at any mall, the sound effect of the visuals can be enjoyed by the audience inside but it does not affect the people outside.

Effects and motion seating

The 360 domes include special effects to make the audience feel the experience and connect to the content. They have a unique motion seating method that causes effects and movements of the seating to make it more realistic for everyone.


These domes are in use in educational institutions and museums. They can be used for teaching purposes, to promote better learning, to visually learn the complex concepts, and understand better. The museums have domes that display the solar system visuals and many science-related visual contents.


The 360 domes have various benefits and unique features that help us to choose them for a proper setup in public places. These give different kinds of experiences in one place to the audience. It impacts more interests with the advancement of technology.