Make Your Party an Event to Remember with Knockerball Party Rentals

What are Knockerballs?

Knockerballs are large inflatable orbs made of clear plastic used for playing bubble soccer. They protect the upper body of an adult player while leaving the legs free for running. Players get into the hollow space in the center of the bubble suit and fasten themselves with protective straps. Knockerballs are used to play bubble soccer and other similar games. Bubble soccer features players wearing large inflatable transparent balls. Small popup nets are used as goal scoring areas. The objective of the game is to form two teams of about five to six players and score as many goals as possible in the designated area. The knockerballs form a safe cushion around the upper body of the player while leaving the legs free to run and kick the ball. The team with the most goals wins! The game is suitable for men and women of all ages, provided they can run around comfortably.

How did Bubble Soccer become so popular?

Bubble soccer came into being as a reaction to the rules in soccer, which prevent physical contact between players to avoid serious injury. With the gear on, players can run and collide into each other as much as they want. The falls look really thrilling and spectators can enjoy the action as much as the players themselves. The sport was first shown on a Norwegian television show before being brought to the United States by a late night comedy show. Since then, the game has rocketed in popularity in America, with semi-professional leagues running in many cities. The game is played in cities and towns all over the world.

Make Your Party an Event to Remember with Knockerball Party Rentals

Why is it Better to Rent Knockerballs?

Renting bubble soccer equipment for parties lets you enjoy the game for a few hours without worrying about the transport and setting up the equipment. Your neighborhood Knockerball affiliate sends a referee to set up the equipment and guide players on the rules and instructions of the game. The equipment includes the bubble soccer orbs, a soccer ball, two goals with nets and cones for marking the field of play. After the game is over, the referee deflates the knockerballs and dismantles the equipment for you. You can avail bubble soccer party rental, this way you need not purchase and maintain the orbs or waste time in setting them up.

Are Knockerballs Safe for Everyone?

The game is designed to be friendly for both men and women to play. The game can be played by both male and female players who are able to wear the knockerballs comfortably. The game becomes even more fun with plenty of friends and family cheering on the players from the sidelines. School and college groups can also rent bubble soccer equipment for a fun diversion.

How to Enjoy your Bubble Soccer Party Rental Responsibly

The first aim of the sport should be for all players to have fun. Bubble soccer is suitable for healthy men and women of all ages as long as they can fit comfortably in the knockerball and run around wearing it. Visibility is clearer through the top and bottom areas of the knockerball. Other than soccer, other team games to play with knockerballs are Last Man Standing- a free for all where the last player on her feet wins when all the players are down, Red Rover and Kill the Chief. There are no injury worries because the knockerball takes the impact of the blow. Visibility is distorted because of the plastic ball so players should concentrate on the area around their feet to view the ball. The inflatable orb’s protective straps should be worn at all times as they hold the player’s top body in place. Players should leave their spectacles and jewelry at home because they might get knocked off on impact. A simple T-shirt, loose shorts and soccer shoes are the best attire for players. Knee protectors or track pants can be worn if the player is conscious about scraping her knees when she gets up after an impact. Having a referee on the pitch ensures the players stick to the etiquette of the game. Ultimately, the aim of the game is to have a bit of fun and a few laughs with close ones.