What Features of Indoor Inflatable Domes Make Them a Great Investment?

Inflatable domes are gaining attention. Thanks to their many features, users now understand the potential of these domes in changing the lifestyle. They suit the needs of all homes – either big or small. But what are these indoor inflatable domes? How do they work? And finally, what are the features of these inflatable domes that make them a potential investment? Let’s understand them in this post.

What are Indoor Inflatable Domes?

Indoor domes are temporary structures that help as an extension of your living space. You can use them both indoors and outdoors as per your requirement. They are made of PVC. Yes, you read it right! The plastic that we discard at homes goes into the making of an inflatable dome. A vinyl coating imparts them the needed strength to last for years together.

According to the dome-making experts, a quality air dome can last for 15 years at a stretch. Additionally, after installation, they need minimal care and maintenance. You just need to inflate air if you find a little deflation. And this can be done with very little effort.

But how much do domes cost?

Quality inflatable domes cost anywhere between $8 to $11 per square foot of surface area covered. If you are looking for long-run use, permanent ones serve the purpose where they generally cost $9 to $14 per square foot.

The cost of heat and electricity is between $1.50 and $1.75 per square foot annually, including the air conditioning cost in the summer months. A question now arises here is – are domes worth their investment?

Features of inflatable domes

Yes. There are many features and advantages of these indoor inflatable domes that make them the choicest investment decision.

Return on investment

Inflatable domes are a good return on investment. You can expect a return in the range of around 6 times the investment. They can generate from $125,000 to $175,000 of income per year.

Ease of maintenance

The manufacturers offer support for the maintenance of the inflatable dome. You can schedule maintenance as per your comfort and need. Besides, the installation and the removal are also easier. With manpower of 20 working one full day assuming 8 hours, the installation of a dome can be completed in 8-10 hours. Likewise is the time needed to decommission too. This means an inflatable dome is easy to erect just a couple of days before the main event for which you wish to extend the space.


Inflatable domes are multi usable. Be it for hosting a party, or as a sports ground, they fit the purpose with ease. You can use them as permanent structures that last for 15 years or more too. They suit well for corporate events or personal gatherings.

Simple and sturdy

The inflatable tents are simple and sturdy. They are easy to transport, commission, and use. You can also avail of their soundproofing and wind protection features that give them more power to serve you in myriad ways.

Fabulous look

Domes look fabulous to either interiors or exteriors. They enhance the aesthetic appeal easily. Dazzling with lights and built with soundproof features, these tents are an extension of your living space in a great way.

Enjoy a new lifestyle

Tents provide more scope for you to enjoy your lifestyle. You can either set them on the lawn or the backyard. They will help you to enjoy nature without worrying about rain or wind. You can turn them into playgrounds and spend quality time with your kids. They make dinners captivating and family gatherings and parties more enjoyable. Either you want to play with your puppy or turn it into your fitness station, the idea is all yours. All in all, these inflatable domes will help you to unleash a new way of life.

Summing Up

Inflatable domes are a great choice to extend your living space. They are affordable and provide a good return on investment in the long run. With their soundproofing, wind protection, and sturdy features, they will help you enjoy an extended outdoor space. Be it for personal or corporate events, the inflatable domes are one fabulous choice to host the gatherings. Make sure you pick a reputed inflatable dome installation service provider to enjoy the quality services.