Know the Advantages and Features of 360 Domes

A security camera should be capable of tracking every direction to catch all moments happening around it. Only then, it can ensure your better protection and security. If you are looking to purchase any such camera, you should consider none other than a dome security camera that facilitates you to avail of the 360-degree view.

Be it intelligence sensors or involuntary tracking systems, dome security cameras are equipped with everything that makes it the perfect option for everyone seeking a high-end security camera system. The main USP of this camera system is to provide you complete visibility from any location.

The interesting fact about such a camera is that its camera is placed inside the domes. So, it’s really difficult for anyone to guess the exact point where the lens is focusing. This is the reason why a dome camera is also a good option for those looking for a home ambition system. Whether you are looking for a wired or wireless dome security camera, you can get the desired one since these cameras are available with both options.

This camera also emerged as the right choice for CCTV surveillance. The reason is that it is capable of offering an outstanding view inside the room from the position where it is installed. We are going to talk about the numerous features and benefits of 360 domes.

1.  Easy to Install

While talking about some of the great features and advantages of 360 domes, it’s good to talk about its ability to be installed most easily. You can either hang it or mount it in the upper position depending on your needs.

You don’t need to follow any hectic steps for installing this camera. All you need to do is to follow certain simple steps that help you complete the installation quickly even without spending hefty money.

2.  360-degree View

As mentioned above, 360-degree view plays a crucial role in increasing the popularity of dome security cameras and made it the most preferred choice among people. Many dome cameras are manufactured with the varifocal lens that gives it the capability of turning it completely 360 degrees.

Therefore, if you install this camera at the center of your living place, you can expect it to cover the entire surrounding. And thus prevents you from connecting it or installing other cameras. It can monitor 24/7 your living place and thus, gives you a better security system.

3.  Whether Protected

Another feature of a dome security camera is that it is designed in a way that it can’t get destroyed by weather be it rain, strong sunlight, or others. It includes a thick dome cover that works as a guard for the camera inside it.

This cover gives the camera full of protection from water, high-pressure wind, etc. In other words, the wireless dome security camera is capable of sustaining even harsh weather conditions while working properly. Due to this ability, this camera is considered to be a good option for places like parking areas, gardens, picnic areas, or other places.

4.  Crystal Clear Images

When it comes to the quality of images, no other camera is as good as a dome security camera system. It is capable of catching a crystal clear image of both day and night with perfect clarity. The camera also comes with features like ‘white balance’, which works effectively in regulating illumination.

Due to this feature, the camera can catch images no matter what is the weather condition. Even in low-lighting conditions especially at the night, the camera can capture images effortlessly. Another amazing fact about this camera is that its auto-gain aspect that works even in low lighting condition and enables the camera to capture images of an individual with higher clarity.

Be it elevators, lobbies, stairwells, or other external places, you can improve the security of these places by installing this camera. In the case of the parking area, it’s advisable to go with a water-proof dome camera that functions at with higher speed and works in the same way be it night or day.