Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Bounce House

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One cannot imagine a party without a bounce house whether you are organizing a birthday party, a graduation party, a school picnic, family gathering, or any other party these inflatable jumping houses have become indispensable equipment for fun activities.

Inflatable Bounce houses offer great fun for kids of all ages and even for adults, with the right bounce house your guests will have a blast and will leave the party with great memories of it. These jumping houses have thus gained immense popularity as centerpieces of any party these days. You can organize bounce houses with interesting games, it will be a lot more fun than just jumping up or down, let your guests have fun watching friends participate in a race or struggle in an obstacle, or many other games.

However, renting a wrong bounce house that has bunched up material or has torn net is not safe and might end up causing substantial injuries as also renting an unkempt jumping house may lead to health issues.

Here are some tips that you need to know so you select safe and clean bounce house rentals in Sugar Land to entertain your guests while keeping them safe and offering endless fun at the party.

Different types of Bounce houses:

Before you set out to rent an inflatable bounce house you need to know the different types of jumping houses that are available on the market.

Make of the bounce House:  Before renting a bounce house find out the material used in making the bounce houses, you may find cheap quality bounce houses made of plastic, which is a not a quality product, it is recommended that you rent an inflatable bounce slider made of commercial grade high quality material so the bounce house is durable.

Weight of the bounce: You will find bounces with different weights available on the market. A sturdy bounce with heavy weights will offer better stability and durability; you need to avoid lightweight cheap products, as they may not withstand strong winds, which easily knocks off these lightweight houses off in the air. Bounce houses weighing from 30 – 40 pounds to up to 300 pounds are available for rent.

Quality of the Steaks:  The steaks of Bounce houses root into the ground help them gain stability and avoid moving away to blowing away. Make sure the bounce house you rent has quality steaks, which are long enough and made with quality material, as low quality short plastic steaks do not offer the required stability.

Apart from the material used in manufacturing the bounce house, you also need to make sure that the rental company has experts who can set up and take down the bounce house, as experienced professionals have the expertise to set up, or remove the bounce house easily making it safe for your guests to have fun on these inflatable structures.

In addition to these factors, you need to consider factors such as age of the guests, themes of the party, safety, size of the bounce house before you rent an inflatable jumping house for your party.

Age of the guests: When renting a bounce house you need to keep the age of the guests in your mind. If you are hosting a birthday party and expect the guests to be kids of a certain age, below 3 years or up to 5 years you need to make sure that the bounce house they can exit on their own. Moonwalks may not be suitable for children below the age of 3, as it makes it difficult for them to exit on their own. Alternatively, for adults you better rent obstacle games, as they suit their age group well.

Safety: Safety is your primary concern when you rent a bounce house. Make sure the bounce house you rent is all clean and sanitized, as they get dirty being in all kinds of weathers. For safety, check if the rental company offers insurance cover for the bounce house rental.

Pricing: Well, when renting inflatable jumping houses you do not want to pay a whole lot of money, as the whole idea behind renting is to avoid the buying expenses, having said that you do not pay less, as a company that charges less might compromise on the safety and quality standards.

Make sure you conduct a thorough inspection of the bounce house before you rent it, so you know if the bounce house is the right choice for your party, the number of guests you have invited, etc.