What Are The Reasons For Choosing 360 Projection?

360 projection domes are preferred due to their excellent coverage of an area of 360 degrees from the place of fixing. This helps in achieving a complete visual experience for the audience facilitating the continuous display of presentations at the same time.

360 projection is chosen over other domes as this is effective in presentation and also easy to install. The projection dome is set up at a particular place and can accommodate a certain number of audience depending on the capacity of the dome. These are specially designed for large audiences and provide easy accessibility.

Reasons to choose 360 Projection Dome

There are various reasons as to why 360 projection is better than other domes. Some of them are listed below:

Best visual experience

The 360 projection domes give one of the best visual experiences to the audience as it displays in 360 degrees. The presentation of videos or clippings through the dome is effective in quality and thus, makes it a beautiful experience. The virtual display with effects can make the audience feel live in the scene, and they react accordingly.

Useful for Educational Purposes

The 360 projection domes are very useful in educational institutions. We have various sources of information in the form of documentaries and movies available. Rather than explaining directly from books, the choice of display of these movies and documentaries through the 360 projection domes will be helpful.

Students show more enthusiasm in virtual learning than in a regular classroom. This way of teaching can help in better understanding and remembering. The visuals have an impact on the brain and the teachers do not have to be worried about further effort. It would be easy for the faculty to make the content reachable to all the students. These domes help in the continuous display of images or videos that keeps the students engaged without any distraction. The Planetarium is one of the social places arranged specially for educational and entertainment purposes. These have shows related to astronomy and night sky etc. Students are taken to these places to make them experience the visual effects of the show that serves as a combination of knowledge and entertainment.

Easy to install and Use

These domes can be installed easily anywhere and do not require special assistance for fixing. 360 projection can be useful in open parks, big malls, and science parks. These domes are easy to operate wirelessly, and the connections are easy to process.

Soundproof Technology

Soundproof technology makes it unique to choose from among the rest. The purpose of 360 projection domes is to provide education and social knowledge to the next generation in the visual form. The soundproof effects help in preventing the passage of the sound waves to the external medium. This helps in providing a healthy noise-free environment in public places without any issues.

Low Energy Consumption

Energy is valuable and essential for everyone. We need to minimize the use of energy sources as the resources are less. We should have enough energy to provide to future generations to make a living. These domes are specially designed to run on low energy consumption that is effective up to 75 percent lesser than the normal. They are also equipped with less wiring so that they give more space to other arrangements. The low energy consumption is an added benefit of these domes.

Different sizes to choose

These domes are available in different sizes based on the requirement. One can choose the dome with a length of 20 meters or 8 meters. The variation in sizes can influence the capacity of the audience and also the screen length variations. To accommodate a large no. of people, more length of the dome is preferred as it provides space for seating.

Special effects

The domes have many special effects like the blinking of lights during the visual scene or waves under the seat. These bring a real-time experience for the audience. The special effects make it more realistic and entertaining.


The 360 projection domes are of special interest in public places. It makes a plain video interesting with special effects and complete overall visualization. The visual experience along the screen makes it thrilling and enjoyable. 360 projection is the best to choose among all the domes.